On this day of our anniversary, I’m thinking of who I’ve been able to become because I married my husband. I know three things for sure- I wouldn’t be living in Hawaii, I’d probably be living in a city apartment rather than our rural custom house and I would not have had our two beautiful children. If I had not married my husband, I may be farther down a career-oriented path but I would not have the love and support that surrounds me now. Because of my husband, I have learned much about family, acceptance and making it work. I’ve learned that it’s hard creating the home and life you want but no matter how difficult it becomes, the strength of two is better than one when you work together. And the joy of two is exponential when true. Happy anniversary, my love.

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1 Response to Anniversary

  1. Jim and Shirley says:

    Happy Anniversary,you two! And we wish you many more! Jim and Shirley


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