Need blogging platform advice

I’ve been in a conundrum lately… I have a wonderful WordPress blog that I upgraded for $99 so I could secure the domain name <>. But since I’m on WordPress’s platform, I cannot place Google’s Adsense ads on my site to earn a little money. I’m very familiar with Matt Wolfe’s great blogging advice via that says anyone can make a website that earns money with Hostgator. Unfortunately for me, he starts you off at Hostgator where you buy the platform space then the WordPress site gets added on with the sale of the platform.

Hostgator does allow you to buy platform space with an existing domain name but then I’d be paying two people for my website- WordPress for my domain name and Hostgator for the platform.

I’m totally in love with my domain name so I’d really like to keep it. The yearly subscription comes up in July or August so I’ve thought about letting it lapse, then quickly going to Hostgator to create it again but that may sound hopeful. I’ve also thought about having two blogs, but I can barely keep up with one and I’d still be paying two people. Hostgator does have a package that allows you to have multiple blogs so I could subscribe to that one, try keeping the two blogs and keep my fingers crossed that when my premium WordPress lapses, it’s not as hard to switch as I think it is…

Basically I’m overthinking it at this point. Does anyone out there have any blogging advice to help me?

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2 Responses to Need blogging platform advice

  1. Ana Spoke says:

    What about becoming an Amazon Affiliate? I’ve just posted a couple of posts on my blog – very easy, and you can sell anything on the Amazon site. I’m only selling my book, but can confirm that I’ve already sold a copy and got my 4% credited.


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